Structural Design and Drafting

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Structural Design and Drafting

Designport Consulting Offers our Clients Structural Design and Drafting

Designport Consulting has offered our experienced team of engineers for building projects both big and small for almost 20 years, and these services include structural design and drafting. Proper structural design and drafting is key to the success of completing your building project on time and budget. You can trust our team which includes engineers with experience in structural geotechnics, drainage, land development, and property management for commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Background of Structural Design Development

Proper structural design has been one of the keys to ensuring that the buildings humans have erected since the dawn of history. Methods and materials have changed drastically since those early days, the buildings more substantial and much more complicated, but the foundations of utility and safety remain the same. Here are a few snippets of history to more recent developments in structural design:

  • The Industrial Revolution brought with it equally revolutionary innovations in the materials used to create our lofty structures and an understanding of their use. Steel production boomed, and it became one of the backbones of the skyscrapers that began to dot the major cities in the world.
  • Since then, our understanding of the world and the forces that can be exerted on our structures has only increased, as has the quality of materials used to build them. Our engineering team can help with building on steep slopes and ensuring that your building has sufficient seismic strengthening.
  • The computer has all but replaced the drafting board, and the T-squares our predecessors used to create their designs. We can create designs faster using CAD software and even virtually test them to ensure their viability.

Why Trust Designport Consulting as Your Structural Design Engineer

A building project is only as good as its design. When there are issues with such an important foundational aspect of the project, it can be plagued with issues ranging from cost overruns due to revisions or to get the building in compliance with the relevant code. Starting your project off on the right foot is why our clients so trust us. A few of the specifics include:

  • Many projects require different types of engineers to ensure that everything is done correctly. Our team comprises of engineers with a variety of focuses. With us, you won’t have to juggle multiple engineering consultant firms for your project.
  • The best engineers in the world would be useless if they did not work efficiently. We understand the constraints of your schedule and the need to perform our work both effectively and efficiently.
  • Communication is key to the efficiency of our work. We keep the lines of communication direct without having to deal with middle-men.

About Designport Consulting

Made up of a team of professional civil engineering consultants, we provide our structural drafting services to residential, light industrial and commercial projects helping to keep them in compliance with code and your budget. Beyond drafting, our experienced team of engineers can offer to manage and monitor your site during construction among other services. When you are ready to trust your project to an engineering consultant firm that can handle it all, contact us today.