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Construction Inspection

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Construction Inspection

What Do You Need to Know Before Scheduling a Construction Inspection?

The construction inspection is one of the most crucial phases of any building project. As stipulated in the rules and regulations established by the government, all construction requires periodic inspection to ensure that the builders observe the rules. Not only that, but the inspection is vital for confirming the observance of best practices along with the structural soundness and stability of the structure. From guaranteeing the proper pouring of a foundation to inspecting a structure more generally to confirm compliance, there’s much to consider. Choosing a team to carry out a necessary construction project inspection in Auckland is a vital step. At Designport Consulting, we’re well-equipped to aid your team in meeting its compliance goals.

How to Prepare for a Construction Inspection

When an inspection milestone creeps closer, it can start to feel a bit like exam time at school — all nerves and no idea if you’ll pass muster. You know you can depend on your team to carry out work to a high standard, but even so, it’s easy to feel doubtful even when you know you’re ready. To increase your confidence level in the results, try these tips to prepare for the inspection:

  • Hold your builders accountable and ensure they follow accepted standards and procedures at all times. Otherwise, you may not pass a construction project inspection.
  • Clean and tidy the construction area as much as possible. Do not leave building materials loose or in areas inspectors will need to visit. A clean space is a safe space.
  • Do a final walk-through and ensure that everything necessary is in place. Look for visible signs of unfinished work in overlooked areas and try to spot any trouble signs for corrective action in advance of an inspector’s arrival.

Why You Should Employ Designport Consulting to Carry Out Your Construction Inspection

Now that you’ve readied your site and your team for the inspection, you’ll need to select a team to carry it out. At Designport Consulting, we’re ideally positioned to assist your business with this significant undertaking. Consider a few of the ways we’re able to provide our clients with superior assistance:

  • Our reputation speaks for itself. We’ve helped dozens of clients of all sizes through this most stressful phase of the project, giving our seal of approval and allowing the project to move smoothly towards completion.
  • We place a strong emphasis on communicating clearly and without confusion. When issues arise, we ensure you know about them right away so you can minimise any delays.
  • We simplify complex requirements and break down any problems into their constituent components so that determining a solution after a failed inspection is easier.

About Designport Consulting

Based in Auckland since 2005, Designport Consulting brings together a wide range of experience and understanding in the engineering field to create a well-rounded service. From providing engineering drawings and planning insights for structures to carrying out detailed and impartial inspections, we can assist you at every stage. Break ground on your project with confidence, knowing that you have an ally you can turn to for practical, informative inspection works. Speak to us today to make arrangements for a construction inspection in Auckland at your convenience.